Introducing SOMoF – Simple Operations Modeling Framework

marzo 9, 2009

Since I began writing procedures about 10 years ago, I noticed that all of them had in someway similar underlying structures. At the most basic level, all of them stated that someone was responsible of working to transform an input into an output. After an enourmous ammounts of time spent in analyzing different procedures, Business Process Management tools, Enterprise Architecture standards, modeling frameworks, etc… we came up with a framework that allows process engineers to describe processes (in fact the scope is wider, including people and technology) applying process documentation best practices and with no additional effort:

SOMoF (Simple Operations Modeling Framework) is a set of procedure documentation techniques and tools that allows organizations (enterprises, divisions, departments, etc…) to describe their operations in a simple way using a set of interrelated elements (such as processes, tasks, roles, etc…). Procedures documented using SOMoF have a uniform structure and format that makes it easier to consult and understand by workers.

Simple Operations Modeling Framework



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