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Yahoo soportará varios estándares del la web semántica

marzo 13, 2008

Una noticia de las más relevantes que se han visto últimamente. Yahoo soportará estándares como hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hAtom, XFN, Dublin Core, Creative Commons, FOAF, GeoRSS, MediaRSS, RDFa, eRDF…

Yahoo Embraces The Semantic Web – Expect The Internet To Organize Itself In A Hurry:

Yahoo’s support for semantic web standards like RDF and microformats is exactly the incentive websites need to adopt them. Instead of semantic silos scattered across the Web (think Twine), Yahoo will be pulling all the semantic information together when available, as a search engine should. Until now, there were few applications that demanded properly structured data from third parties. That changes today.


Consejos de Loic Le Meur para crear una start-up de proyección internacional

marzo 13, 2008

Interesantísimo este vídeo de Loic Le Meur. Si vas a crear un servicio en Internet piensa a lo grande desde el principio:

Global Or Die: Is There A Future For Local Startups?:

This is all over, startups have to think globally now, unless they want to just sell for cheap. Look at the Internet in Europe: how many world class Internet leaders there? We had Skype, it is now Ebay owned. We had the leading european travel site, it is now owned by Sabre. I could go on and on – most european companies that could become world leaders are now American owned.

Además ahora se puede vender por todo el mundo sin grandes recursos