Las ventajas de mantenerse pequeño y ágil

mayo 26, 2007

Desde hace tiempo me encanta el la concepción de los productos y de la agilidad en la gestión empresarial de 37 signals.

Simplicity is one of 37signals’ guiding principles, in programming as well as management. For most technical issues that arise, simple work-arounds will address 95% of the need with 10% of the effort that would be required to cover everything. For example, when designing Writeboard, for collaborative writing, the team wanted to let people track how much a document had changed over time. They pored over Ph.D. theses and complex algorithms. Instead, ace programmer David Hansson worked out a “cheat”: software to track the number of characters in each document. The evolving total could be conveyed visually using dots of different sizes. With that clever solution, 37signals reduced what could have been a months-long programming project to a day’s work.

Small Is Essential | TIME:

Me ha llamado especialmente la atención la postura que tienen con respecto a los VCs. Han rechazado todas las ofertas para no perder independencia…



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