Entrevista a Dharmesh Shah, emprendedor y business angel

enero 18, 2007

Interesante entrevista a Dharmesh Shah, de onstartups.com, en las que aporta algunas opiniones muy interesantes sobre el emprendizaje en el mundo del software.

Three time entrepreneur and Angel Investor: Dharmesh Shah of OnStartups.com at StartupStories:

I think software entrepreneurs have the opportunity to innovate (by adding needed features) while simultaneously keeping the user experience simple.

Delaying the capital raising process has the added benefit of reducing the amount of equity that has to be given up in the initial rounds of funding. The more risk entrepreneurs can remove from the equation in the early stages, the better terms they’ll get from their investors. The early days should be spent building the business, solving the customer problem (and thereby reducing the risk).

…build a prototype of the idea and show it to as many people as I can (starting with friends, family and colleagues). I then like to “iterate” on the idea (by refining the prototype) until I get to something that someone, somewhere is willing to pay for.

Go Narrow. When dealing with limited capital, the most effective approach is to focus on as small a pool of potential customers as possible. There are multiple benefits to this, the most important of which is that it is much easier to create a product roadmap/definition for a known set of very specific customers than a large, amorphous pool of customers.



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