10 predicciones sobre Enterprise 2.0 para el 2007

diciembre 31, 2006

Dion Hinchcliffe (una de las personas que esta dando forma al concepto Enterprise 2.0 junto con Andrew McAfee) publica sus 10 predicciones para el 2007.

Enterprise 2.0: Ten Predictions for 2007

Dos de estas predicciones son relativas al espacio donde va a actuar la version 2.0 de metoCube, en concreto la 6 y la 7.

SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and other legal and regulatory rules put an enormous burden on employees of public firms and/or regulated industries. They must continually document the processes, controls, and key decisions of a company’s internal workings in meticulous detail. Cottage industries have sprung up to provide tools and associated support services to provide automated support for various compliance processes. Unfortunately, these software platforms are often complex, overwrought and create an major overhead burden for already overworked employees. In response (or desperation) I’m beginning to see a number of companies with grassroots initiatives to use low-barrier wikis to capture and organize the compliance information informally, and then upload it periodically to the official compliance systems later.

While SOAs and even Web 2.0 apps tend to be more about services and capabilities, the world of business is much more about processes. This has triggered some discussion that the best way to add enterprise context to consumer tools may be to make them more process-oriented. Thus, a number of upcoming Enterprise 2.0 tools have a process bent to them including the above mentioned Itensil, but also the nascent BPM 2.0 movement which can be enabled with these same tools.



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